Carlyle Williams, 

Welcome to my Web Page.

About Me,

                       Carlyle Williams.... I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, I emigrated to Canada, and graduated from Concordia  University, Montreal with a Bachelor's Degree (Major Fine Arts and Mathematics).

                        I have created original genres of Art and Music....Which I call .."Eternal Art and Music".  Eternal Art and Music is the 'Sum total' of the Past, Present, and Future of Art and Music.  It's Art and Music created beyond the ' Time-Space' Continuum.  This Creativity taps directly into Cosmic Consciousness. The Human Experience ...Jungian psychology, ' Thought Patterns' , Two forces which influence 'Future Creativity' are...

(a) The remote control ... You and your work have a limited Time to communicate and/or impress and

(b) Globalization ... "East, West,North and South ... That's what great Creativity will be all about.. Art and Music...For Healing ...For the aggrandizement of 'the Soul'.


                        " Imagination is more important than Knowledge" Albert Einstein.